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Raphael D. Levine

  • Raphael D. Levine is the Max Born Professor of Natural Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a theorist and is primarily active in the two areas that form the backbone of this proposal: molecular dynamics and the application of information theory to molecular processes. He is the author or coauthor of over 600 papers. R. D. Levine is a theory partner of the FET proactive UCOMP project MULTI  and of the FET proactive MINECC project TOLOP. His book ‘Molecular Reaction Dynamics’ is often cited and in 2005 Cambridge University Press published the updated version of this book. CUP reports that the new edition has been chosen as ‘science book of the year for 2006’ and has recently brought out a paperback version. This latest edition has been translated to Japanese and published there by Springer. Levine is also the editor of the standard reference work ‘The Maximum Entropy Formalism’ published by the MIT Press.