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Conference papers


  • [Bogaert et al., 2016] Bogaert, K., Basil, S. S., Levine, R. D., Remacle, F., and Remacle, C. (2016). Tran- scriptomics analysis of isolated chlamydomonas colonies cultivated on agar plates under mixotrophic and heterotrophic conditions. In 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • [Calvet et al., 2016] Calvet, L., Friedman, J., Querlioz, D., Bessière, P., and Droulez, J. (2016). Sleep stage classification with stochastic bayesian inference. In 2016 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH), pages 117–122. IEEE.
  • [Canillas et al., 2016] Canillas, R., Laurent, R., Faix, M., Vaufreydaz, D., and Mazer, E. (2016). Autonomous robot controller using bitwise gibbs sampling. In 14th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infor- matics and Cognitive Computing.
  • [Coelho et al., 2016] Coelho, A., Solinas, M., Laurent, R., Fraire, J., Mazer, E., Zergainoh, N., Karaoui, S., and Velazco, R. (2016). Evidences of stochastic bayesian machines robustness against seus and sets. In 16th European Conference on Radiation and Its Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS).
  • [Coninx et al., 2016] Coninx, A., Bessiere, P., Mazer, E., Droulez, J., Laurent, R., Aslam, M. A., and Lobo, J. (2016). Bayesian sensor fusion with fast and low power stochastic circuits. In 2016 IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC).
  • [Fernandes et al., 2016] Fernandes, H., Aslam, M. A., Lobo, J., Ferreira, J. F., and Dias, J. (2016). Bayesian inference implemented on fpga with stochastic bitstreams for an autonomous robot. In 2016 26th Inter- national Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL).
  • [Willamme et al., 2016a] Willamme, R., Alsafra, Z., Arumugam, R., Eppe, G., Remacle, F., Levine, R. D., and Remacle, C. (2016a). How green microalgae grow under day/night cycles conditions. In Bioforum BioLi`ege, University of Li`ege Campus of Sart-Tilman, Belgium.
  • [Willamme et al., 2016b] Willamme, R., Coosemans, N., Perez, E., Eppe, G., and Remacle, C. (2016b). Role of the glyoxylate cycle on carbon metabolism in the green microalga chlamydomonas reinhardtii cultivated under day/night conditions. In European networks conference on algal and plant photosynthesis (ENCAPP).


  • [Alves et al., 2015] Alves, J., Ferreira, J., Lobo, J., and Dias, J. (2015). Brief survey on computational solu- tions for bayesian inference. In Workshop on Unconventional computing for Bayesian inference (UCBI), IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS).
  • [Alves and Lobo, 2015] Alves, J. D. and Lobo, J. (2015). Remote lab for stochastic computing using recon- figurable logic. In 2015 3rd Experiment International Conference (’15).
  • M. Faix, R. Laurent, J.Lobo, and E. Mazer, “Cognitive computation : a bayesian machine case study,” in The 14th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing. IEEE, Beijing 2015.
  • M. Faix, J. Lobo, R. Laurent, D. Vaufreydaz, and E. Mazer, Stochastic bayesian computation for autonomous robot senso- rimotor systems,” in Workshop on Unconventional computing for Bayesian inference IROS. IEEE, Germany  2015.
  • [Duarte, et al. , 2015] Duarte, R. P., Lobo, J., Ferreira, J. F., and Dias, J. (2015) Synthesis of Bayesian machines on FPGAs using stochastic arithmetic. In 2nd International Workshop on Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Computing Systems (NeuComp 2015), associated with DATE2015, Design Automation Test Europe 2015, March 2015. (accepted).
  • [Locatelli et al., 2015] N. Locatelli, A. F. Vincent, A. Mizrahi, J. S. Friedman, D. Vodenicarevic, J.-V. Kim, J.-O. Klein, W. S. Zhao, J. Grollier and D. Querlioz (2015) Spintronic devices as key­-elements for energy-efficient neuro-inspired architectures, Proceedings of DATE, in press, 2015 (invited special session).
  • [Bessière, 2015] Bessière, P. (2015). Bayesian programming for robotics. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). Invited Conference
  • [Droulez, 2015] Droulez, J. (2015). Variability and probability in living organisms. In GDR BioComp 2015, Saint-Paul de Vence. invited conference.
  • [Droulez, 2015] Droulez, J. (2015). Bayesian computing in biology. In IROS / Workshop on Unconventional computing for Bayesian Inference, Hamburg. invited conference.


  • [Vincent et al., 2014] A. F. Vincent, J. Larroque, W. S. Zhao, N. Ben Romdhane, O. Bichler, C. Gamrat, J.-O. Klein, S. Galdin-Retailleau, D. Querlioz (2014) Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Memory As a Stochastic Memristive Synapse, Procs. of ISCAS, p. 1074, 2014 (invited special session).
  • [Vincent et al., 2014] A. F. Vincent, W.S. Zhao, J.-O. Klein, S. Galdin-Retailleau and D. Querlioz, (2014) Monte-Carlo Simulations of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions : from Physics to Application, Procs. of IWCE, 2014, DOI 10.1109/IWCE.2014.6865815 .
  • [Colliaux et al., 2014] Colliaux, D., Bessière, P., and Droulez, J. (2014). Robust sequence storage in bistable oscillators. In Nanoarch, page 2 p., France. FET.
  • [Faix et al., 2014] Faix, M., Mazer, E., and Fesquet, L. (2014). An asynchronous CMOS probabilistic computer Idea. In 20th International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC), Fresh Idea Session, Proceedings, page pp, Postdam, Allemagne. IEEE Computer Society.