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S., Levmpo, R. D., Remacmb, F., and Remacmb, C. (2016).e<sorong>Tbmn- > <scromics analysi/ of isol":"d chlamydomonas t-lonies tultiv":"d on agar rl":"s mixoorophic and heteroorophic t-fdiss+xa</sorong>. In 17th I/ on Photosyn/insi/ Recearch, Maasoricht, Tin Nntheriands.</li> eli>[Calvet et al., 2016] Calvet, L., Friedman, J., Querimoz, D., B.msièrb, P., and D nolez, J. (2016).e<sorong>Sleep hanoracie iifn/rss+x with stochasoic baynsian ice paper</sorong>. In 2016 IEEE/ACM I/thr0rss+xalsSymposium on Nano1"> Archstectud.m (NANOARCH), pa s 117–122. IEEE.</li> eli>[Canilie et al., 2016] Canilie , R., Lauridt, R., Faix, M., Vaufreydaz, D., and Mazer, E. (2016).e<sorong>Autonomous robot t-foroller uar": bitwise gibbs sampj !i</sorong>. In 14th IEEE I/thr0rss+xalsence paperson Cog-scave I//in- mrsscs and Cog-scave ibleu; .</li> eli>[Coelho et al., 2016] Coelho, A., Soj !e , M., Lauridt, R., Frairb, J., Mazer, E., Zergainoh, N., Karaoui, S., and Velazco, R. (2016).e<sorong>Evidaper/ of stochasoic baynsian machmpos agains_ seus and seta</sorong>. In 16th Europeansence paperson Radirss+x and Its Effectsson Compondth, and SysteUo (RADECS).</li> eli>[Coninx et al., 2016] Coninx, A., B.msierb, P., Mazer, E., D nolez, J., Lauridt, R., Aslam, M. A., and Lobo, J. (2016).e<sorong>Baynsian sensor fuss+x with faso and low power stochasoic cir,uita</sorong>. In 2016 IEEE I/thr0rss+xalsence paperson Rerap-r": ibleu; (ICRC).</li> eli>[Fhr0rn.e et al., 2016] Fhr0rn.e , H., Aslam, M. A., Lobo, J., Fhrreira, J. F., and Die , J. (2016).e<sorong>Baynsian ice paper i"===midt"d on fpga with stochasoic bi-subeams /in an autonomous robot</sorong>. In 2016 26th I/thr- 0rss+xalsence paperson Field Programmaont Logic and Ation/rss+xo (FPL).</li> eli>[Wiliemme et al., 2016a] Wiliemme, R., Alsafra, Z., Arumugam, R., Eppe, G., Remacmb, F., Levmpo, R. D., and Remacmb, C. (2016a).e<sorong>How g/> < microalgae g/ow day/n1em cycmbs t-fdiss+xa</sorong>. In Bio/inum BioLi`egb, Unsversity of Li`egb Caleu/ of Sart-Tilman, Belgium.</li> eli>[Wiliemme et al., 2016b] Wiliemme, R., Coosemans, N., P paz, E., Eppe, G., and Remacmb, C. (2016b).e<sorong>Rolt of /in glyoxyl":" cycmbson carbop entaboj sm ic /in g/> < microalga chlamydomonas reinhardtii tultiv":"d day/n1em c-fdiss+xa</sorong>. In Europeansnetworks t-fe paperson algal and rl"_s photosyn/insi/ (ENCAPP).</li> e/ul> eh1><span <lini ovas:decorass+x: un.erimpo;">2015t> pan></h1> <ul> eli>[Alve et al., 2015] Alve , J., Fhrreira, J., Lobo, J., and Die , J. (2015).e<sorong>Brief surveyson cbleu;rss+xalssolu- ss+xo /in baynsian ice paper.</sorong> In Workshop on Unt-fstens+xalscbleu; /in Baynsian ice paper (UCBI), IEEE/RSJ I/thr0rss+xalsence paperson I/thlligene Robot, and SysteUo (IROS).</li> eli>[Alve and Lobo, 2015] Alve , J. D. and Lobo, J. (2015).e<sorong>Remoe" lab /in stochasoic cbleu; uar": ret-f- figuraontelogic.</sorong> In 2015 3rd Ex#82imidt I/thr0rss+xalsence papers(’15).</li> eli>M. Faix, R. Lauridt, J.Lobo, and E. Mazer, “<sorong>Cog-scave cbleu;rss+x : a baynsian machmpo moji study</sorong>,” ic Tin 14th IEEE I/thr0rss+xalsence paperson Cog-scave I//inmrsscs and Cog-scave ibleu; . IEEE, Beijr": 2015.</li> eli>M. Faix, J. Lobo, R. Lauridt, D. Vaufreydaz, and E. Mazer, <sorong>Stochasoic baynsian cbleu;rss+x /in autonomous robot senso- 2imotorasysteUo</sorong>,” ic Workshop on Unt-fstens+xalscbleu; /in Baynsian ice paper IROS. IEEE, Genmrny  2015.</li> eli>[Duartb, et al. , 2015] Duartb, R. P., Lobo, J., Fhrreira, J. F., and Die , J. (2015) <em><sorong>Syn/insi/ of Baynsian machmpos on FPGAs uar": stochasoic arithentic</sorong></em>. In 2nd I/thr0rss+xalsWorkshop on Neuromorphic and Brain-ne="d ibleu; SysteUo (Neuible 2015), e ioci":"d with DATE2015, Dnsign Automrss+x T#r7 Europe 2015, March 2015. (acag&&ed).</li> eli>[Loji):lli et al., 2015] N. Loji):lli, A. F. Vincene, A. Mizrahi, J. S. Friedman, D. Vodapn/rd.vtc, J.-V. Kim, J.-O. Klein, W. S. Zhao, J. Gin.j er and D. Querimoz (2015) <em><sorong>Spiforopn/ -widths as key­-esByTagN /in loadgy-effn/iidt neuro-inspirbd archstectud.m</sorong></em>, Proceed {"baof DATE, in, 2015 (invised speci"lss.msion).</li> eli>[B.msièrb, 2015] B.msièrb, P. (2015).eBaynsian programm /in robotscs. IEEE/RSJ I/thr0rss+xalsence paperson I/thlligene Robot, and SysteUo (IROS). I/vised ence paper</li> eli>[D nolez, 2015] D nolez, J. (2015).eVariability and rrobability in liv organ sms. In GDR Bioible 2015, Saint-Paul -w Veper. invised t-fe paper.</li> eli>[D nolez, 2015] D nolez, J. (2015).eBaynsian cbleu; in bi-logy. In IROS / Workshop on Unt-fstens+xalscbleu; /in Baynsian Ife paper, Hamburg. invised t-fe paper.</li> e/ul> eh1><span <lini ovas:decorass+x: un.erimpo;">2014t> pan></h1> <ul> eli>TYdiv>[Vincene et al., 2014] A. F. Vincene, J. Larroque, W. S. Zhao, N. B < Romdhapo, O. Bichler, C. Gamras, J.-O. Klein, S. Gald {-Rntailieau, D. Querimoz (2014) <em><sorong>Spif-Tbmnse p Torque Magnntic Memory As a Stochasoic Memriscave Synapse</sorong></em>, Procs. of ISCAS, p. 1074, 2014 (invised speci"lss.msion).</div> e/li> eli>TYdiv>[Vincene et al., 2014] A. F. Vincene, W.S. Zhao, J.-O. Klein, S. Gald {-Rntailieau and D. Querimoz, (2014) <em><sorong>M/the-Carlo Simulrss+xo of Magnntic Tunnel Jn(){"cos : arCo Physscs to Ation/rss+x</sorong></em>, Procs. of IWCE, 2014, DOI 10.1109/IWCE.2014.6865815 .</div> e/li> eli>[<a"http://www.bahal.archs';vt" _this_doc=hal-01025504&ale;version Cn.j aux et al., 2014</a>] Co.j aux, D., B.msièrb, P., and D nolez, J. (2014).e<em><sorong>Robustss.quepersstornorain bistaonteoscilietors</sorong></em>. In Nanoarch, pa 2 p., Fraper. FET.</li> eli>[Faix et al., 2014] Faix, M., Mazer, E., and Fesquet, L. (2014).e<em><sorong>An asynchronous CMOS rrobabilisoic cbleu; p Idea</sorong></em>. In 20th I/thr0rss+xalsSymposium on Asynchronous Cir,uita and SysteUo (ASYNC), Fresh Idea S.msion, Proceed {"b, pa pp, Postdam, Aliemagnn. IEEE ibleu; p Society.</li> e/ul> </div> ! 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PLoS ONE</a> </li>T e/ul> </div> <div aph"el='/rs-9" "ie ie8a{scb",-wrap ect(0fix widglt_el='s"><h3 Exthr0rl Ll='s</h3 <ul "ie ie'xoxo blogin.j'> eli>ea"http://www.baec.europamme/programmt1<horizon2020nennh2020-se){"co/futud.-and-lme0 .0g-ge",n-logies">FET</a></li> eli>ea"">Icubmnet Btitle>a></li> eli>ea" minn">sise : minisubm{"co</a></li> e/ul> e/div> <tDO <t <tDO <t !</div>t!--e#a{scb",1 -->itleDO <t !</div>t!--e#t/theme <h<h<h<h<div aph"fooe" " "ie ie8row"> !DOitleCT <t<div "ie ie8t-pyr1em -develo#82 t-l-md 4 fonp">CT <titleitleeeeeeeee<div aph"t/pyr1em ">CT <titleitleeeee<p>Soll. 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