Oct 07

Paris meeting on codes and temporal hole

At College de France on september 29th

Oct 07

Exchange Grenoble -> Coimbra

First implementation of a probabilistic calculus on FPGA, September 17th to 20th

Oct 07

Publication: Noise-enhanced synchronization of stochastic magnetic oscillators, Phys. Rev. Applied

  • [Locatelli et al., 2014] Locatelli, N., Mizrahi, A., Accioly, A., Matsumoto, R., Fukushima, A., Kubota, H., Yuasa, S., Cros, V., Pereira, L. G., Querlioz, D., Kim, J.-V., and Grollier, J. (2014). Noise-enhanced synchronization of stochastic magnetic oscillators. Phys. Rev. Applied, 2:034009.

Oct 07

Paris meeting on noise and coupled oscillators (Visit of Mark Stiles)

At Collège de France on september 3rd with the presence of Mark Stiles from the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology of the NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology), USA.

Oct 07

Paris meeting on probabilistic computer architecture

At College de France on July 21st

Oct 07

Visit of Sandip Tiwari

Pr. Sandip Tiwari from Cornell University visit IEF for 2 weeks from July 14th to July 25th.

He taught a 8 lessons course: An electroscience introduction of information and its processing

Oct 07

Exchange Coimbra->Paris

Pr. Jorge Dias and Pr. Jorge Lobo visit College de France for 2 weeks form july 14th to July 25th

Mar 07

Bambi Starting School

Bambi starting school took place at the Collège de France (Paris) . (March 3 -7 2014)

Jan 02

Official Start

The BAMBI project is a EU collaborative FET Project – FP7-ICT-2013-C, project number 618024. It started on January 1 2014.