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IJAR UCBI special issue

International Journal of Approximate Reasoning (IJAR) special issue on Unconventional computing for Bayesian inference subset of papers already online. IJAR UCBI special issue The workshop website has also been updated:

Marvin Faix Thesis defense : December 12th 2016 at Inria

Conception de machines probabilistes dédiées aux inférences bayésiennes  

A robot controller powered with the Bayesian Machine 1

Cognitive computing : A Bayesian Machine Case Study : presented at the IEEE conference ICCI*CC (Beijing 06/07/2015)

Bambi Starting School

Bambi starting school took place at the Collège de France (Paris) . (March 3 -7 2014)

Official Start

The BAMBI project is a EU collaborative FET Project – FP7-ICT-2013-C, project number 618024. It started on January 1 2014.